Announcements 09/28/2019

Monday, Oct. 7, 2019, 5CK will begin writing its first narrative composition and this is an exciting opportunity for parents, guardians and families to share a story from their childhood. Because we are focusing more on adding interesting detail and the element of perspective, here is what we need from parents, guardians and family membes to get started:

  • A guardian or family member at home should share a memory from when they were the age of their learner with the student.
  • Have a discussion about the story and share details about it. Have your learner ask questions as well and take bullet point notes about the experience you are sharing with them.
  • Do not have your learner start writing in full sentences or paragraphs at home.
  • Your learner will continue to work on this writing project at school. 

Thank you for your cooperation! I look forward to hearing all of your interesting stories!