Announcements 02/07/2020

Greetings 5CK families!

You shoudl have received an email Feb. 7 with a list of our classroom community if your learner wishes to hand out valentines. If you did not get this list, please email Mr. Cook.
Please note the following rules about valentines:
  • No food items may be given with valentines due to allergy and dietary concerns (this includes pre-wrapped or homemade items)
  • Students should be respectful and give every student the same or similar valentine and/or gift item; please do not exclude anyone
  • Students should wait until the designated time to hand out valentines; until then they should be kept in backpacks
  • Valentines may not be handed out before school, during lunch or recess, in hallways, on buses or after school
  • As an alternative, items such as pencils, erasers, small toys and the like are good choices
Please do not feel that you need to provide a valentine or buy valentines or gifts. Handing out valentines and/or gifts is completely optional. A fun alternative is to have your learner make his or her own cards.
We have a total of 28 learners in our classroom, which means you would need to supply 27 valentines and/or gift items (excluding your student) so that everyone gets one.