Announcements 09/23/2019

Come dressed in your finest because at some point tomorrow its picture day! (scheduled for 11:20 A.M.) but that is subject to last-minute changes. 

Your Learner Must:

  • Be picture ready at any point within their day tomorrow. 
  • Have a completed picture envelope filled out with no missing information. Regardless of the payment method, you have chosen.
  • If you have chosen the online payment method, A receipt must be provided along with, The completed picture envelope.
  • If you are choosing to pay via cash or check enclosed within the completed picture envelope your learner will be responsible for bringing their envelope with them to the photographer. 
  • Even if you were choosing not to purchase pictures a completed picture envelope must be filled out for your learner.

I'm sure we will all look AMAZING and tomorrow will be a great day. If not, there's always re-takes.

- Mr. Cook